Thailand street food

Food stands can be found all over Thailand

You cannot escape it in Thai cities: everywhere you stumble over food stalls where you can buy the most exciting things. And if you don't see them, you can smell them. The scents of burning coals, spicy meat and fresh fruit more than mask the skies of exhaust fumes. What is there to get, what should you definitely have tasted and what would you rather leave behind? We help you further in the world of Thai street snacks.

Stall on your shoulder?

Food stands can be found in all shapes and sizes in cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai, and of course all over Thailand. Fixed tents under a tarpaulin with a few plastic tables and chairs in front, or a push cart with a grill on it, shielded from any rain by a large parasol. But the simplest stand consists of a bamboo stick with a wicker basket on either side, which is carried over one shoulder like a yoke. In one basket the fresh ingredients, in the other a burner, on which the delicacies are prepared in front of you. And the stalls are not only limited to the streets and sidewalks, also on the water taxi you will often find someone who has something to sell and on floating markets many boats are fully equipped with all kinds of snacks.

Thailand street food

What you can eat on the street in Thailand

The many stands with pieces of tropical fruit in pastic bags are recognizable and safe. Pineapple, guava, pomegranate and mango are nice on a warm, dusty day. If you want to spice things up, you can often buy the fruit with grains of salt or chili flakes sprinkled over it. Salapao are steamed rice flower balls filled with pork or a sweet bean paste, favored by many Thai people.

You often come across the stir-fried noodle pad thai: noodles that come straight from the wok with shrimp, eggs, spring onions and bean sprouts. Chicken, pork or fish satay is also easy to use on the mobile barbecue. If you're really daring, venture into crispy, salted grasshoppers, grubs or ant eggs eaten in the Northeast. Got thirsty from all these goodies? It is customary in Thailand to drink iced coffee or fresh fruit juice through a straw from a plastic bag, you can also see this on every corner of the street. Please note: some salt is often added to the fruit juice!

Can you eat everything on the street?

Whether you can safely eat everything that is sold on the street is of course the question. You do not know how hygienic the seller is with his food, between the exhaust fumes of the traffic and without running water to wash his hands. Raw meat that has been left in the sun for a long time is also not such a good idea. So choose a stand with a high turnover rate where the Thai buy themselves, which is often an indication that you have found one of the better chefs. Also be careful with fruit without peel, if it is long, it spoils easily. You may be a little more at risk than in a restaurant, but then again, we've all eaten in the street and none of us got sick. Never had such a cheap meal before and what a fun way to get a taste of Thai life.