90 Days Reporting

Express Visa Direct: 90 Days Reporting

90 Days Reporting

When residing in Thailand for more than 90 days, foreigners with a Non Immigrant visa or a retirement extension must declare their present address to the nearest Thai immigration office.

Your first 90-day reporting period officially begins on the day you acquire your 90-day non-immigrant visa. When the non-immigrant visa's 90-day period has expired, the 12-month extension for retirement purposes takes effect, and you must submit your 90-day report. After that, the next 90-day reporting period starts.

For the remainder of your lawful stay in Thailand, even if you never move and continue to live at the same address, you must report to Thai immigration authorities every 90 days to establish that you are still living there. Your 90-day report should be filed at the Thai Immigration office closest to your residential location.

If you move, you must report your new address to immigration or the police within 24 hours using a TM.28 Form. Without incurring any penalties, a 90-day report can be completed 15 days before the official due date or 7 days after the reporting date.

Express Visa Direct Will complete your 90 days reporting for you Quickly and Easily!

Steps to complete your 90 days reporting:

  • Just drop off your passport with us before the required date
  • Come back after 2 full working days (Remember Thai Government Departments have many extra holidays)

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