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Visa By Post

We receive many request to process visa applications by post and where there’s no need to visit the Immigration Office in person, this is something that we can arrange on your behalf.

Our process is really quite simple, yet it ensures a high degree of security. That’s because we only recommend that you send us your passport by recorded delivery using EMS, DHL or UPS. We will never ask you to send money in the post.

Where payment of our service fees are requested, we ask that you simply use your local ATM. That way there is a recorded electronic transaction and importantly, we only ask for payment after we have received safe receipt of your passport and documents.

The Process Is As Simple As 1-2-3:

  1. Send your passport to our offices using either EMS, DHL or UPS
  2. We immediately telephone or email you to confirm safe receipt of your passport
  3. You make payment directly to our office via your local ATM

If you have any questions about our postal service:
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