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Renew your Passport

If you live in Thailand as an expat, you will need a new UK passport at some point.

It's possible that your current one is full or about to expire.

You can either return to the UK or apply for a new UK passport while in Thailand in these situations.

It can be a lengthy process in Thailand that requires a trip to Bangkok, but if you want to save the headaches and the travel to Bangkok, we can process your application as an accredited visa firm.

Express Visa Direct Will Help You Get Your Passport Quickly and Easily!

The Key Documents Required For The Renewing Of a UK Passport Are:

  • 2 passport photographs - Passport Photos Requirements
  • Proof of address in Thailand (In English)
  • Original passport
  • OS passport form completed (We can do this) - OS Form 010
  • Colour copy of every page of the passport (We can do this)

At Express Visa Direct, we have an in-depth knowledge and experience in renewing UK Passports.

When should I renew my passport?

  • Never leave your passport until the last minute!
  • Make sure you have a minimum of 9 months to one year validity left when you apply for a new passport.
  • Remember! When you renew your Current Visa, the New Visa cannot extended past the expiry date of your passport.
  • The passport renewal process will take at least 2 months and can take considerably longer
  • Never wait until you have nearly run out of pages in your old passport!

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